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Ortho Magnet makes U.S. News & World Report's 2016 List of Best High Schools ******** Welcome to Ortho High!


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Please see the linked article about the LA Chamber’s Principal for a Day last month, highlighting the role played by Ortho’s principal Erick Mata and Ortho’s biomed faculty and USC Viterbi VAST.
Today: 5/27/16




All incoming Freshmen entering the California State University system are required to take the EPT and ELM tests.  Students must visit the respective CSU campus web site to learn about fees, registration procedures, and test exemptions.  General information and sample exam items from the Educational Testing Service web site are provided in the attached file below.  They are provided here for educational purposes only and all credit go to ETS.


Developed by the National School Reform Faculty, the Tuning Protocol provides teachers, working together, with feedback and opportunities to fine-tune their "developing student assessment systems, including exhibitions, portfolios..." as well as a "facilitated process to support educators in sharing their students' work and, with colleagues, reflecting upon the lessons that are embedded there."

See attached materials from the National School Reform Faculty below.



Things we can Celebrate at Ortho High!!!

  • In partnership with Orthopaedic Institute for Children (OIC), this summer ten juniors were able to apply for the coveted OIC Summer Intern Program. In their roles as interns, Ortho students gained first-hand knowledge of the inner workings of a medical facility. One student’s experience allowed him the opportunity to take part in a cleft palate surgery. Fifteen seniors were awarded the Annual Bonter Scholarships who awards ranged from $500-$5000. These awards are renewable and will give the opportunity to our Ortho Graduates to reapply for continuing funds while they are in college. Since its inception in 2006 the Bonter Scholarship has awarded Ortho Students over $400,000.


  • In order to promote academics as well as our medical theme, this November 15th, Ortho Students began a four course series called Health Professional Readiness Program offered at Los Angeles Trade Tech College (LATTC). This program will provide students with the opportunity to be better prepare as they enter the workforce, with the possibility of gaining prequalifying knowledge for entry into a clinical or hospital setting while attending an Allied Health Program. This course series is a pilot program, and one we hope to build on as we strengthen our working relationship with LATTC. Our plan is to build on this relationship in order to offer in the near future a path for our students to gain an Associate’s Degree with their High School Diploma and other courses like robotics and biotechnology via LATTC.


  • Working closely with Councilman Curren Price of the New 9th District, we have been able to collaborate on various events. During the worldwide celebration of Tuberculosis (TB) Day, Councilman Curren Price donated over three hundred dollars in supplies. This donation allowed our students the possibility to prepare posters that were used to promote awareness throughout Los Angeles County. The posters gained attention throughout the Los Angeles Media for their catchy themes and lines. Councilman Price has spoken at our graduation on a yearly basis, and has helped honor our employees and has supported needy Ortho Students during the holidays. 


  • Working with California Hospital, Ortho students serve in a three year cohort that gives them insight into the medical profession, while giving them first hand experience in patient care. During the first year of the program students learn about the dealings of the hospital, paperwork and a broad overview of operations. During the second year the students join a rotation of different departments. Their last year, Ortho’s Seniors are responsible for the quality control of the hospital, entering every patient room in order to ask about their stay and how it could be made better.


  • Through our Linked-Learning initiative, we have partnered with USC’s Viterbi to work with their professors on their BioTech research. By working together with Viterbi our students and teachers will be able to take advantage of available externships as well as gaining first-hand knowledge this growing field. This extends our existing partnerships with USC’s MedCor program where students are mentored and tutored by USC students on the USC Campus every other Saturday. Our partnership with USC’s Rossier School of Education has allowed us the opportunity to host student teachers, and USC’s Math for America Program has recruited three of our teachers to conduct Math Action Research and with professional development.


  • Two science teachers mentor beginning teachers during a one year residency program with UCLA’s Center X Project IMPACT. This augments a similar partnership with Cal State, Los Angeles. Both expose our instructors to current trends in both content and pedagogy at Institutions of Higher Education.


  • We are developing partnerships with agencies near us like St. Johns and LA County Build to expand medical internships for our students. This helps with our School-wide Learner Outcomes of career readiness and social responsibility.


  • Through our partnership with LA Chamber of Commerce we have been exposed to various Biotechnology  Firm practitioners through industry panels and the like.


  • We partner with other schools and facilities to provide access to sport facilities for athletics and physical education. We have a shuttle bus that takes our Ortho Students to Clinton Middle School and Expo Center in order to use their facilities.




Now that the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium results have been published, review the documents below that tie CLAIMS (what's expected of students so they are college and career ready). 


WASC ACCREDITATION HISTORY:    The school was first accredited in 2006.  The first full self-study was conducted in 2009 with the school earning a three-year term with a midterm revisit.  The school's midterm visit was held in 2012; the visiting committee recommended a follow-up visit the next year.  The team returned in 2013.  As a result of this visit, the visiting committee felt that the follow-up process conducted by the school had been considerably better than in the previous three years;  the visiting committee recommended that the school  move ahead to their next full self study visit  in 2015.



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